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Splitscreen VW Campervan


The first VW of this type (Transporter) was launched at the Geneva Motorshow in 1949.
During the 1950’s the Splitscreen Campervan that we now know and love was developed and as we moved into the Sixties the Campervans were kind of adopted by the hippie generation giving it iconic status and almost a cult symbol of an alternative lifestyle.

From the late sixties and intothe early seventies, the second generation (T2) came to the fore and are commonly referred to as the Bay Window model. Further development in the late seventies, eighties and nineties saw the T3 and T4 models but for this blog and for relevance in the wedding industry we shall focus on the Splitscreen and T2 Bay Window models that are so popular and sought after.

Vintage Campervan
1949 Campervan


VW Campervans have increasingly become a popular mode of wedding transport, for some a Campervan is seen just as a quirky, fun vehicle to use but for others (as well as fun and quirky) it is the classic, retro, cool look that is really appealing and on top of that, in many cases the practicality of having a vehicle that can seat 5 or 6 passengers can really seal the deal knowing that not only can a campervan be used for the traditional bride/father, bride/groom scenario but also for transporting bridesmaids, family, friends etc to and/or from the wedding venue.

Splitscreen VW Campervan
Spitscreen VW Campervan with Bridesmaids


One of the other most appealing factors when organising a Campervan for a wedding is the great variety of colour choices. Many of the Campers are in neutral colours such as White, Ivory and Cream which is great as these can fit in with any colour scheme particularly by using coloured bows or ribons to suit.

However, if you really want a Campervan of a specific colour to fit with your scheme then its good to know tha tthere are colours out ther in shades of Blue, Green, Red, Black, Purple and Silver to name just a few. Its useful to note however that there may noy be lots of each colour covering every area so planning as far as possible in advance is definitely worth considering.


The Splitscreen Campervan aka the Splitty was officially put in production from the early fifties and continued into the late sixties. The Splitscreen name of course refers to the windscreen being split into two by a centre divide, for many this is the iconic look of a classic (or indeed vintage) Campervan. The Splitscreen VW is also very identifiable by its number of small windows ranging up to 23 in the Samba model.

Splitscreen Campervan 23 window Samba model


The Bay Window models were the second generation Campervans that were developed from 1967 until 1979.
The main ‘at first glance’ noticeable differences from the Splitty aside were the one single windscreen, generally larger/longer side windows and no V shape at the front although there are numerous othere differences.

Bay Window VW Campervan

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