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no comment |  Posted in:Wedding Cars April 1st, 2020

Planning wedding transport for 2021

Many weddings originally planned for 2020 are now understandably being reorganised with most brides and grooms choosing to now take their vows in 2021. Weddings in 2021 are already proving very popular and certain modes of wedding transport including all vintage and classic buses as well as cars, Campervans etc are in huge demand.

Booking your wedding transport

2021 is going to be an extremely busy year for weddings and therefore it is very important indeed to look into organising and booking your wedding transport as far in advance as possible. For bus hire it is suggested that booking 12 months in advance is advisable.

Because of postponements to 2020 weddings, more dates in 2021 will become fully booked much sooner as people seek to change previously booked weddings to alternative dates. In order to give yourself as much chance as possible of securing your preferred type of wedding vehicle(s) you should consider making that choice now so that you can secure a booking, this is particularly important if your first choice of transport is a bus as they are and will continue to be a much sought after mode of wedding transport.

Most popular wedding vehicles

As discussed above, all classic and vintage buses will continue to be very popular, this includes the Red London Double Deck Buses (Routemasters), all types of single deck vintage buses and also modern executive coaches.

Some of the other very traditional and increasingly popular modes of wedding transport that are definitely worth considering booking very early are vehicles such as vintage and classic Rolls Royces, Beaufords, American Cars, classic London Taxis, VW Campervans and other classic cars. The further we move through 2020, the less availability there will be in 2021 as wedding bookings become organised and dates filled.

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