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Vehicle Owners

If you own a vehicle that you would like to hire out for weddings through our site, we would love to hear from you. Whether it's a Vintage Car, a Classic Car, a modern limousine, or even something quirky like a horse & carriage or double-decker bus, if it meets our criteria we would be pleased to advertise it on our site.

It is important for you to know that we are not acting as the owners of the car, only the booking service and thus you are fully responsible for all events that occur on the day of the event. We are happy to deal with all aspects of the booking up until the day prior to the event; however, when the customer makes their balance payment we inform them of the vehicle owners contact details. You in turn will be aware of the customers details at the time of booking via our booking / itinerary form.

We shall encourage all customers, if applicable to refer to your (the vehicle owners) terms & conditions, once a booking is made we would kindly request a copy of your terms & conditions in order for us to do this, if your own terms & conditions are not provided then our own should cover most eventualities.

We understand that you most likely want your vehicles out working as much as possible and therefore our aim is to achieve as many bookings for your cars as we can by continuously marketing your cars in a highly professional, well presented manner through our website. The website itself will also continuously be marketed through not only the internet but also wedding fayres, media advertising, facebook etc. We will be taking enquires 7 days a week.

We always operate in not only a professional way but also in a friendly, personal manner and look to strike up a good rapport with all our vehicle owners.

We feel it is also very important that all of our vehicle owners themselves present their cars to the highest of standards which will no doubt lead to word of mouth/repeat business for both parties.

There is no charge for the advertising & marketing of your cars on this website. You will pay nothing until we achieve a firm booking. Once a booking is confirmed with yourself we will take a minimum deposit of £100.00 per vehicle from which we deduct our £50.00 commission fee, the remaining amount will be paid to you immediately. We invoice clients 2 months prior to the event with a view to paying your outstanding balance one month prior.

By agreeing to advertise and market your vehicles on this website, you agree to firstchoiceweddingcars taking a £50.00 commission fee for each confirmed booking over and above the agreed amount that you want for the booking. In the event that our £50.00 has not been taken prior to the event i.e a last minute booking, then the confirmation and itinerary email / letter we sent to you shall act as the invoice for the £50.00 fee.  Please note:  If a client books more than one vehicle from any one owner then the booking fee for additional vehicles is £35.00.

Should a vehicle owner not fulfil a booking for any reason and cannot provide a suitable replacement vehicle then a full refund of all monies paid by the customer must be returned to them, this is inclusive of the £50.00 commission fee taken unless we can provide alternative transport from another vehicle owner.

First Choice Wedding Cars Ltd shall not be liable to refund the £50.00 fee as this has been paid to us as commission for our services provided in obtaining and managing the booking. It is agreed that the vehicle owner must pay this fee back to the customer unless we have provided alternative transport as previously stated.

All deposits paid by the customer are non refundable in the event that they should cancel.

Should the customer cancel the agreement with less than 60 days' notice then the customer is liable for 50% of the outstanding balance. Should the customer cancel the agreement with less than 30 days' notice then the customer shall be liable for the full amount of the agreement.

Prices quoted to the customer are based on the itinerary provided on our booking form. All prices quoted to the customer will always be agreed in advance with the vehicle owner and must always include our £50.00 commission fee. Should the itinerary change prior to the event then any changes are subject to being agreed with yourself. Any changes to the itinerary that occur on the day of the event must be subject to your own specific terms & conditions of which the customer will be fully aware. Our own terms & conditions can apply if yours are not available.

We will endeavour to state to the customer on your behalf, if so desired, the amount of hours that each wedding car has been booked for.
If you have any specific terms & conditions that we have not covered and that you think are important for the customer and us to know then please inform us of these and we will make the customer aware as soon as is reasonably possible.

It would be most helpful if vehicle owners could keep us informed as quickly as possible of any bookings they may take privately (ie not through us) this helps us determine if a particular vehicle is available.

First Choice accept no liability for any unforeseen circumstance whatsoever i.e. mechanical breakdown, punctures, accidents, traffic jams or severe weather conditions. Should delays occur or hired vehicles become permanently immobilised, the vehicle owner reserves the right to provide and meet the costs of either organising an alternative similar vehicle or alternative method of transport. Failure to do so will result in a full refund of monies paid, thus ending First Choice and the vehicle owners' liability.

First Choice cannot be held responsible or liable for loss or damage to the customers' property, luggage or personal effects howsoever it may be caused and also accepts no liability for clothing or any object being marked or dirtied in any way during the duration of the hire.

First Choice can accept no liability for any damage caused to any vehicle by a customer.

To advertise your cars on you can either send us your up to date photos and vehicle descriptions or alternatively we will be more than happy to visit you personally and take the necessary photos ourselves.

If you are interested to know more, please contact us with details of your vehicle or vehicles. We would be delighted to hear from you.... or please call 01233 879198 / 07769653226.

First Choice Wedding Cars Ltd reserves the right to alter and amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.