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Wedding Car Hire

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Wedding Car Hire.

Wedding cars from can be selected from a very diverse and wide range of options including vintage, classic and modern as well as some more unique choices.
First Choice Wedding Cars are here to help you find the perfect wedding transport for your special day.  We have access to one of the largest and most diverse selections of specialist wedding vehicles covering the South of England, London and beyond, this means you do not have to spend hours searching on different websites to find the car of your dreams.

Types Of Wedding cars

From the range of wedding cars to choose from Rolls Royce is the long standing traditional name that really stands out when somebody first thinks about hiring a wedding car.  There are also of course other household makes and models of cars that are also very popular and sought after such as Bentley, Jaguar, Daimler, Beauford, Mercedes, Austin, Armstrong, Cadillac, Ford, VW etc.  Each one of these car makes will also have various models among them which really expands the choices of available wedding cars

Vintage Cars

Vintage wedding cars in the UK are classed as cars built from 1919 – 1939. Any vehicles built before 1919 are referred to as Historic vehicles. The most popular vintage wedding cars are from the Rolls Royce range, including the Phantom, Ghost, Wraith and many Landaulettes (convertibles). We can also organise the vintage style Bramwith, Badsworth, Regent etc.

Classic Cars

The Classic car era began in 1945 after world war 11 when the motor industry really boomed.  Classic vehicles are divided into the early classics up to 1970 and then from 1970 to approx 1990 are generally classed as modern classics although there is no exact definition as cars are constantly getting older. Our most popular classic wedding cars are the Rolls Royce Silver Clouds and 1950s Bentleys.  The 6-7 seat Austin Princess and Daimler Limousines are also very popular classic wedding cars as well as Rolls Royce Silver Shadows, Silver Spurs and Silver Spirits.

Modern Cars

The classification of what is a true Modern car is open to debate as cars age and models vary but a general rule of thumb is that any vehicle made in the last 20 years or so is classed as modern. Even though there are of course many modern cars to choose from, there are certain prestigious makes & models accepted as suitable for wedding hire.  Among those are Mercedes, Jaguar, Chrysler and of course Bentley & Rolls Royce.


All 1930s vintage style Beaufords are hand crafted and are all unique. Based on the 1920′s – 1930′s Duesenberg and the Packard Eleventh Series Eight Sedan, these replica wedding cars offer the style and finesse of these truly amazing vintage cars with the reassurance of modern mechanical enhancements. The majority of Beaufords are Tourers (open top convertibles) giving the option of the roof being up or down, some of the two seat models may have the front seat removed for ease of access for the larger bridal dresses.

beauford    convertible-white-beauford

American Wedding Cars

The choice of American wedding cars we can offer is growing all the time due to increased popularity.  American wedding cars can be vintage, classic or modern and are often unique in style, shape, size & colour. Please see our range of American cars including Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford Mustang, Oldsmobile, Studebaker etc.

See our current range of wedding cars for hire

By following this link you can see our complete range of vehicles that are available for hire as wedding transportation.  You can see vehicles in counties, towns and cities across the UK…






Wedding Bus Hire Prices

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Classic And Vintage Wedding Bus Prices

There is a wide choice of classic and vintage Buses available for wedding and event hire and popularity is on the increase due to the cost effectiveness of such a vehicle.  As prices can change all the time our advice is to book early, possibly even up to a year in advance due to high demand.

Wedding Buses are a unique way of transporting not only the bridal party but also large numbers of guests to the church and / or the reception venue.  First Choice Wedding Cars Ltd can organise a wide range of traditional, classic, double deck & single deck London buses as well as some more rare and unique vintage models. To see the current range of wedding Buses we can organise for you please follow this link…

The Routemaster

Before we mention prices, first of all lets talk about the Routemaster.  The Routemaster is a traditional and classic London bus known all over the world  and is representative of British transport history and culture.
Although a lot of the buses are kept purely as collectors items, many are now operating all over the country as wedding and event transportation, they are in fact the most sought after and popular modes of wedding transport particularly the Red coloured models, this is in part due to their iconic status but also for their practicality in transporting large numbers of guests all at one time.

Wedding Bus Prices

Classic and vintage bus prices in particular can vary greatly but in general an approximate starting hire price of £500.00 should be considered.  As mentioned though, this would usually be about the minimum price you would expect to pay depending on the full itinerary.  Prices of buses have to take into consideration a lot of factors, although to the client an itinerary or journey request may seem straight forward, there are many things indeed that must be taken into account when figuring out the price for a wedding or event.
First of all the overall distance and driving time must be considered, not only does this effect the price in terms of how much fuel will be used but also the amount of hours a vehicle will be on the road will dictate how much the driver and possibly other members of the crew will be paid, there are also legal working/driving hours to be factored in.  Something else that a member of the public may not appreciate is the amount of preparation time required before a bus leaves a depot and also how much time is needed after a job once the vehicle arrives back at its depot in terms of cleaning, paperwork etc is concerned.
Figuring out the route that a bus will take is very important and must be taken into consideration prior to working out not only the length of hire but also the suitability and confidence that the job can be undertaken.  If the route, part of the route or access to anywhere is impeded by trees, low bridges, narrow lanes etc etc then this potentially could lead to a bus not being able to undertake the job or a change in route be necessary.
Timings again must also be considered very carefully, generally a bus will travel slower than the average car so although distance between addresses may not seem great, if the bus is going to take more time than a bus then this needs to be thought about when figuring out collection and arrival times.
Quite often we are asked for a bus to make more than one or even multiple trips between addresses; if the distance and travel time is very short, for example just a few miles and 10 minutes or so then of course this can be done but any longer than that and it becomes non practical particularly from a customer point of view, the last thing you want is for your wedding guests to be waiting 30 – 40 minutes or even longer for their wedding transport to arrive back from the first trip and vice versa the first group of guests would be waiting a similar time for the second group to arrive.  In these instances it is wise to consider hiring more than one bus.

History and models

The AEC Routemaster is a double deck bus that was designed by London Transport and built by the Associated Equipment Company (AEC) and Park Royal Vehicles. The Routemaster was first exhibited at the Earl’s Court Commercial Motor Show in 1954, the first prototype was completed in September of that year and the last one was delivered in 1968. The first Routemasters entered service with London Transport in February 1956 and the last were withdrawn from regular service in December 2005, although one heritage route is still operated in central London.  Despite the retirement of the original version, the Routemaster has retained iconic status, and is considered a British cultural icon.  In 2006, the Routemaster was voted one of Britain’s top 10 design icons which included Concorde, Mini, Spitfire, the London Tube Map etc.
The maximum number of passenger seats of a Routemaster and indeed the most in demand is 72 seats, on nearly all occasions this is ample for the entire party although it is not uncommon for two or more buses to be used for larger numbers. Other common seating capacities are 64 and 56 but aside from capacity there are also other differences in varying models produced over the years.  From the classic range of Routemasters the models were either an RM (standard length) for up to 64 passengers or RML (longer length) for up to 72 passengers or an RMC, classified as a coach version.
These two links will show you an RM model and secondly an RML model…

Such was the popularity of the Routemaster that many calls continued to be made for a new version of the vehicle to be produced. On 3 September 2007, Conservative mayoral candidate Boris Johnson announced that he was contemplating introducing a modern-day version of the Routemaster. In December 2007, UK magazine Autocar commissioned leading bus designer Capoco to come up with detailed proposals for a new-generation Routemaster.

Johnson backed the Capoco design in principle and suggested that he would hold a formal design competition to develop a new Routemaster if he became London mayor in 2008. After he was elected, this competition was held for general ideas and detailed designs, with cash prizes for the winning entries. The results of the competition were published on 19 December 2008, with the winning and other good proposals being passed to bus manufacturers to draw up a final design. The winners included two joint “whole bus” designs, one submitted by Capoco and one submitted by Aston Martin and Foster + Partners.
Initially named the New Bus for London and later the New Routemaster, eight prototypes entered service in February 2012 and by 2017 the fleet was expected to be 1000.

Other classic buses

As well as Routemasters there are also other classic double deck bus models such as Bristol, Leyland, Dennis, Daimler etc, here is an example of a 1964 Daimler 100 CCG5 …
In and around London in particular there are a lot of traditional Red Routemaster buses operating but as you look further afield you will come across a wider variation of classic buses also available for wedding and event hire. What is nice about these buses and also appealing is the fact that they are different to the classic all Red buses and indeed offer more choices in terms of colour, Green, Green and Cream, Red and Cream, White being a few notable examples.  Another factor that is often taken into account particularly with regards to the colour scheme is perhaps the colour scheme of the wedding but more likely trying to either match or obtain a good contrast to the colour of wedding car being used.

Occasionally a double deck bus may not be able to access certain venues or roads and its then that the single deck models come into their own.  The passenger capacity may be less but the vintage style quirkiness and charm of the 1940′s Bedfords, the 1960s Bristols or the AEC RF models really fit well into a vintage themed wedding or event.

Vintage Buses

Moving onto the vintage (and classic) single deck buses.  It cannot be underestimated how increasingly popular vintage buses are for wedding transportation.  Whether or not you have a vintage theme to your wedding, these old fashioned buses from a bygone era always look the part as well as serve a practical solution to moving wedding guests, family, bridesmaids etc to and from your wedding venue.
The Red AEC models (pictured below) are basically single deck versions of the double deck Red London bus but the 1940′s Bedfords and also the Bristols are out and out classic / vintage models commonly seating anything from 20 – 40 passengers although we can also organise a 1937 Bedford WS which seats just 11.
Another huge advantage of the smaller vintage buses is access to streets, churches and venues where a larger bus may struggle, this would commonly be if gated access is restricted, if there are low tree branches or if the turning round of a vehicle is difficult, these are some of the factors that need considering when booking a bus, sometimes it is worth paying a bit extra to order two smaller buses over one large one – just to be confident that the vehicle will be able to undertake the journey with no issues.

Vintage models and history

The Bedford OB is one of the most sought after vintage buses, it comes in varying colours and is a truly magnificent looking vehicle.  The Bedford OB was designed to carry 26 to 29 passengers and was first manufactured in 1939 but only 79 were made prior to world war 2. After the war and up until 1951 a further 12,766 more were produced, making it one of the most popular buses of its type ever. At the time the average price for one of the Bedfords was around £1300.00, nowadays for one in good condition you could pay anything from £40,000 upwards.

After the second world war, London Transport’s red bus fleet needed major renewal.  First in line were the double-deckers but between 1946 and 1948, as a stop-gap measure, it also purchased 181 new red single-deckers of pre-war design.  Meanwhile, it continued to run a large number of elderly single-deckers from 1929-32, these single-deckers were used mainly on routes where low bridges made double-deck operation impossible.  Throughout the 1950′s and 1960′s the Red RF or AEC Regal 1V was the standard single-decker in the London Transport fleet and some of these buses are now available for hire in the wedding and event industry, they are suitable for 39-41 passengers and still are used commonly when there are smaller groups to transport or where access / low tree branches is an issue.

The single deck Bristol Buses were developed by Bristol Commercial vehicles who eventually were taken over by its then parent company Leyland in 1983.  From as far back as 1908 until the 1960s Bristol produced a range of single deck buses ranging in capacity typically between 20 -40.  The majority of them were Green / Green and Cream in colour although some Red models were produced, many of them are still in operation and available for hire whereas a lot are stationed in museum transports or are privately owned but not available.  Please follow this link to see the 1964 Bristol MW based and available for wedding hire in East Sussex via First Choice Wedding Cars…


Modern, executive coach hire is another alternative and sometimes preferred option of wedding and/or event transport.  Often  modern coach is preferred because it may be more flexible with regards to access to locations and venues, can navigate narrow roads a little easier and are less impacted by low tree branches and bridges.
This type of transport can also provide passengers with a more comfortable journey, often with bathroom facilities and ability for soft & hot drinks to be available, this can be especially convenient for longer, more time consuming journeys and also if it is important for a large amount of luggage to be carried.
On many occasions, a modern coach will be booked only for an evening return journey, for example from the reception venue back to a hotel(s) or a specified drop off point.  This would usually be because the vast majority of classic and vintage buses, due to the nature of the vehicles, will not undertake late evening work due factors including amongst others lighting, comfort, warmth etc.
Just like the older buses, coaches come in all different capacity sizes, a mini coach may only seat 20 – 30 whereas a full size coach can seat in excess of 50 guests.



vintage-bedford-wedding-bus   bristol  single-deck-wedding-bus  red-london-wedding-bus


Culturally Diverse Weddings

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Cultures & Weddings

Many aspects of everyday life are related to culture including the most special day of your life ‘Your wedding day’. Providing the right wedding transport to meet cultural requirements is important. Many brides and grooms would love to marry in the tradition of their parents, follow the customs or at least introduce elements of a traditional wedding ceremony from their cultural backgrounds. These elements can be the venue, decorations, food, clothes & even the wedding vehicle. For example, the Indian culture like to have the most extravagant cars (preferably White in colour) such as the Rolls Royce Phantom as the groom’s arrival in particular can be most significant. In the Sikh culture, it is also possible for the Groom to arrive at the wedding on a horse.


Types of cultures, wedding traditions and customs

 The Chinese wedding date is picked carefully according to astrological signs and birthdates, and the ceremony begins on the half hour to cement the couple’s good fortune. During the Greek reception, as the newlyweds dance, guests pin money onto the bride.  After the celebration, dishes are smashed on the floor with choruses of “opa” for good luck! At a Scottish wedding as the bride walks out of the church, traditionally a toddler would hand a horseshoe to the bride for good luck, and the bride and groom would then scatter coins for the assembled children to collect, so that their kindness would be returned to them throughout their marriage.

Prior to a Turkish wedding, the respective families buy furniture and household goods for the young couple. Guests on the other hand would shower the bride, literally, with banknotes and coins. The Turkish community in London also tend to favour the Beauford style wedding car.On the day of a Sikh wedding, a ceremony called Sehra Bandi is performed by immediate family members of the groom at his home. Sehra (a heavy embroidery veil) is fixed onto the groom’s head which is then tied on to the turban. This moment is quite sentimental for the groom’s parents and sister as he becomes a mature and responsible man entering his new life.


A Hindu wedding day

The ceremonies are very colourful, and celebrations may extend for several days. On the day of the actual religious wedding it can be an early start when the groom is picked from his home and travels to the wedding venue in his modern wedding car, typically a Rolls Royce Phantom or a Bentley. The bride is already at the wedding venue ready & waiting for her husband to be, she may have chosen to travel in a ‘prettier’ car, most likely a vintage model or a Beauford. Guests will take great notice of the Groom’s wedding car as he arrives, singing & dancing will take place as the Groom is met at the entrance by the Bride’s mother where a small ceremony takes place which welcomes him. The groom is then taken to the Mandap, a platform structure with pillars, set up for religious ceremonies where another small ceremony takes place with the parents of the Bride & Groom.

The bride arrives and then the main wedding ceremony takes place which has several parts to it. After the ceremony, the married couple receive blessings from their family members who then say farewell to the Bride as she will be going away to the Groom’s house. A small ceremony will take place as the Bride gets into the wedding car, again with guests paying much interest to the car. When the married couple arrive to the groom’s house there is a small ceremony to welcome the Bride into the house & family. Many Hindu weddings then go onto celebrating at the evening wedding reception, this can be a very long day! Typically, the wedding car is hired out for the whole day & plays a very important role.


A traditional Christian wedding day

The Bride is excited but quietly nervous while getting ready & waiting for her Bridesmaid’s. The wedding car(s) arrive which could be anything from a traditional vintage or classic Rolls Royce for the Bride & her Father although a more quirky or American style of car is becoming increasingly popular. Among the more quirky type of vehicles are the VW Campervans, vintage Buses etc.
There is often a requirement for transporting the Bridesmaid’s and family, typically a larger car such as a Daimler or Austin Princess could be used.
The Groom, best man and ushers arrive at the ceremony earlier to welcome guests and ensure they have the ring!! Bridesmaids arrive at the ceremony, shortly after followed by the bride and her father just in time for the ceremony to begins After the ceremony, it is confetti & photo time and often the wedding car will be an integral part of the photo session.
If the wedding party is of a large number then a single or double deck Bus may be used, this is a convenient, practical and fun mode of transport for other family members and guests to travel to and from the wedding venue.  The classic Routemaster is the most popular Bus used although there are some other stunning old Buses.
Increasingly, more weddings take place at ‘all in one’ venues as opposed to a church as the venue can also cater for the post wedding reception.  Often there may be a requirement for late evening transport which is more suited to a modern car for the Bride & Groom or a more modern style coach for guests although the older Buses can sometimes cater for this if its not too late. 

IMG_2122 wedding-bus-hire

Multicultural Weddings

Regardless of your cultural or religious differences, it’s possible to throw a wedding that equally represents both of you. Often it is necessary to have two separate weddings where individual cultural traditions & customs are implemented. With having two separate weddings, two different styles of wedding cars can be arranged which are suitable to the traditional requirement’s.

Wedding Transport 2016

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We have been taking bookings for a variety of different wedding vehicles so far this year with increased popularity of Buses, in particular the classic Red Routemaster London Buses. Vintage Buses and VW Campervans are also proving a great choice for Brides, Grooms and wedding guests alike.

A very busy year for wedding transport

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After a very busy 2014 and in particular the past 2 months we are now taking bookings of all types of wedding transport for 2015 and beyond.  Classic London Routemaster Buses continue to be popular and there has been an increase in demand for  VW Campervan wedding hire.

Rolls Royce and Bentley from the 1950′s and 1960′s are among the most sought after classic cars while the modern Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Spurs are really stylish choices particularly in the London area.

Wedding Cars 2014

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Despite the bad weather we have seen brides, grooms, mothers and fathers etc planning their wedding transport well in advance and during the months of January and February we have booked a huge range of wedding vehicles out.

Vintage and classic Buses remain popular as do the traditional vintage & classic Rolls Royce cars.  We have also coordinated the bookings of Beaufords, VW Campervans, Chrysler 300s, classic and modern Bentleys, Austins and Armstrongs, Hummers, stretch Limousines, London Taxis etc etc.

We can now also provide wedding cars/transportation in Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham as well as counties across the South of England.

Brief History of the VW Campervan

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1949 - The first ever Volkswagen Transporter van is launched at the Geneva Motor Show, with its distinctive smiling face.

1950 – Official production begins of the Splitscreen models begins.

1951 - The Volkswagen Transporter is developed into the iconic Volkswagen camper van.

1960s - The camper van is adopted by the hippie generation, becoming a cult symbol of an alternative lifestyle.

1967 - Second generation ( T2) does away with the classic, ‘splittie’ (split windscreen) design and introduces panoramic vision, gaining the nickname ‘Bay’

1969 - A Volkswagen camper van becomes the ‘Mystery Machine’ in hit cartoon series ‘Scooby Doo’.

1979 - The T2 becomes the T3, boasting a more angular design.

1990 - The Campervan turns 40 and the fourth generation, T4,  is launched.

2010 – 50 years of production is celebrated.

2003 - The fifth generation (T5) launches to critical acclaim and provides the basis for the latest Volkswagen California camper van.

2013 - Volkswagen California celebrates its 25th anniversary, with around 100,000 California camper vans rolling off the production line since the start of production.


Campervans are as popular (if not more) as ever and are now a sought after vehicle for wedding transportation.  First choice wedding cars can provide VW Campervans for wedding hire in Berkshire, Surrey & Hampshire.

New Classic & Vintage Wedding Cars

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1951 rolls royce silver wraith 11 for Blog

We are delighted to announce that we have a new fleet of 8 classic and vintage wedding cars to advertise on our website as of November 18th.  Included are:

- 1929 Willys Knight

- 1949 & 1951 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith

- 1956 Armstrong Siddeley x 2

- 1956 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

- 1959 Bentley S Type

- 1970 Rover P5

These cars are available for wedding hire in Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and into West London.

Classic Rolls Royce Silver Clouds

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Rolls Royce Wedding Cars

Rolls Royce is a name synonymous with style and elegance; the cars made by this company are renowned for their luxurious nature as well as the quality of their design and manufacture. Over the years this model from Rolls Royce has developed into the ideal and traditional wedding car.  There are of course different eras with varying types of Rolls Royce designs, pre world war 2 are all classed as either historic or vintage and anything built within approximately the last 30 years or so would be regarded as modern.

The Silver Cloud

The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1 was introduced in April 1955 in an era when craftsmanship and styling were at their very height.  Rolls Royce Silver Clouds were limited in numbers due to production capacity, manufacturing of these models stopped in 1965.  Click here to see our current range of Rolls Royce Silver Clouds as well as some other models..

Rolls Royce and Bentley cars were built with comfort in mind, adequate interior space space and design were important to their prestigious customers; these features provide all the requirements for an ideal wedding car.
Famous stars from the 50’s and 60’s were proud to own these cars, as they became a status symbol for the rich and famous, stars such as John Lennon and Mick and Bianca Jaggar owned a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is possibly one of the finest wedding cars that you can hire, always in demand due to its sheer presence and stature. There is ample leg room inside and that alone can make it the ideal choice for a wedding car. This car offers supreme luxury and ride comfort and is famed for its reliability and near silent engine.  A long wheel base version, lengthened by 4 in (101.6 mm), was also made available in September 1957, outwardly very similar to the existing car, but offering improved leg space for rear seat passengers.

The Silver Cloud II was introduced in 1959. Little changed externally but it now had a 6.2 L V8 engine, which pushed the weight to 2.11 tonnes. Performance was greatly improved and top speed was raised to 183 km/h (114 mph), but the main improvements were in acceleration and torque. Power steering became standard. Electrically operated windows were now available as an option.

The basic architecture of the Silver Cloud II did not change between 1959 and 1963, but there were numerous minor changes implemented, notable among them a succession of improvements to the ventilation system. Interior changes in 1961 included the adoption of blue instrument lighting, the introduction of a combined indictator / headlamp flasher switch and of a handbrake warming light. A remodelled rear light assembly was introduced in May 1962 and a change to sealed-beam (still at this stage single) headlamps was made in August 1962.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud wedding car in Hampshire

Beauford Wedding Cars

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Burgundy Cream Beauford

The Beauford has fast become one of the most popular wedding cars. Although available as a hardtop, the majority are Tourers (convertibles) and lets be honest, what better way to arrive at a wedding venue.
All Beaufords are hand crafted and are all unique. Based on the 1920′s – 1930′s American Duesenberg and the Packard Eleventh Series Eight Sedan, these replicas offer the style and finesse of these truly amazing vintage cars with the reassurance of modern mechanical enhancements.